Leanne Grabel is a writer, illustrator, performance poet, special education teacher, and co-founder of Portland's legendary poetry fount, Cafe Lena. Grabel also teaches performance and graphic poetry classes through various literary outreach organizations. Grabel's collection of illustrated rectangular prose poems, Gold Shoes, is upcoming from Finishing Line Press (March 2018).  Individual poems have been recently published in Cloudbank, After Hour, The Opiate, Badlands Review, Cream City ReviewVoiceCatcher, The Tishman Review, Rat's Ass Review, Gobshite Quarterly and Riding Light. She is currently compiling 30 years of graphic flash writing into The Circus of Anguish & Mirth, as well as trying to find a publisher for TAINTED, a graphic memoir. Some recent publications are linked below.

Your Impossible Voice.Bronto Illustrated Excerpt


The Opiate

Tishman Review, page 69-73