Once upon a time

In a town called Duzzinknowit

Lived a pre-pubescent


Twelve-year-old poet.

It was an old valley town

About as hot as a roast.

About as flat as a sidewalk

About as dry as rye toast.

Her name is Nina Gold.

And she loves to write.

She wasn't always like that.

She was too uptight.

Then she got a keyboard.

Put her words to beats.

Now words & beats are

How she breathes.

And how she slides

Through life's defeats.

They're what she eats.



Her birthday's August 4.

The same day as Obama's.

The same day as Louis Armstrong's

& Joaquin Perez's mama's.

She always says this proudly.

She's not the wee bit hesitant.

She's still thrilled to share her birthday

With our first

Black President.