Aug 21, 2012

August 21.

In 1831, Nat Turner led his rebellion in Virginia. In 1841, venetian blinds were patented. In 1888, the adding machine was patented. In 1959, Hawaii became the 50th state. It's Count Basie's birthday. Art Farmer's. Jackie DeShannon's. Joe Strummer's. Usain Bolt's. Mission: Look through the slats before you add things up. Run like hell if you need to.


Jul 17, 2012

July 17.

In 1954, the Brooklyn Dodgers became the first American team with a majority of black players. In 1955, Disneyland opened. In 1997, all Woolworth's stores closed. It's Erle Stanley Gardner's birthday. Jimmy Cagney's. Jimmy Scott's. Spencer Davis's. Phoebe Snow's. World Day for International Justice. Mission: Be just.


Jun 18, 2012

June 18.

June 18. In  1621, the first duel in America took place in the Plymouth Colony. In 1873, Susan B. Anthony was fined $100 for trying to vote in the Presidential election. In 1967, Hendrix played Monterey Pop & blew everyone's minds. It's E. G. Marshall's birthday. Paul McCartney's. Carol Kane's. It's Autistic Pride Day. Mission: Don't fight! Just blow people's minds w/brilliance.



Jun 15, 2012

June 15.

In 1667, first human blood transfusion administered. In 1752, Ben Franklin proved lightning was electricity. In 1844, vulcanized rubber was patented. It's Grieg's birthday. Erroll Garner's. Waylon Jennings's. Harry Nilsson's. It's Global Wind Day. Mission: Blow it off and bounce back. [Great rendition of Garner's "Misty" by Sarah Vaughan.] 


Jun 14, 2012

June 14.

In 1834, sandpaper was patented. In 1937, Congress passed the Marihuana Tax Act. The Act was overturned in 1969 in Timothy Leary v. United States. In 1940, Auschwitz opened. In 1953, Elvis Presley graduated from high school. It's Alois Alzheimer's birthday. Burl Ives's. Che Guevara's. Jerzy Kosinski's. Boy George's. Steffi Graf's. It's Flag Day. Mission: Don't be abrasive.


Apr 16, 2012

April 16.

April 16. In 1912, Harriet Quimby became 1st woman to fly across the English Channel. 1922, Annie Oakley set a women's clay target record shooting 100 in a row. In 1943, Albert Hoffman accidentally discovered the hallucinogenic effects of LSD. It's Charlie Chaplin's birthday. Merce Cunningham's. Bobby Vinton's. Dusty Springfield's. Mission: Fly! Then laugh and dance.