May 9, 2020

Saturday Morning Post.

Saturday Morning Post. May 9. In 1429, Joan of Arc defeated the English at Orleans. In 1754, the first newspaper cartoon in America showed a divided snake with the words "Join or die." In 1785, the beer-pump handle was patented. In 1945, the final German Instrument of Surrender was signed in Berlin-Karlshorst. In 1958, "Vertigo" premiered in San Francisco. In 1960, the FDA approved a birth control pill for the first time. In 1962, a laser beam was bounced off the Moon for the first time. In 1970, 100,000 protestors demonstrated against the Vietnam War in DC. In 1974, formal impeachment hearings began against Nixon. In 1979, an Iranian Jewish businessman was executed by firing squad, prompting the mass exodus o the Jewish community of Iran. In 1990, Sinead O'Connor refused to perform on "Saturday Night Live" with Andrew Dice Clay as host. In 1994, Nelson Mandela was chosen as South Africa's first Black President. In 2002, women in Bahrain were allowed to vote for the first time. Happy Birthday, Lili Alvarez, Sophie Scholl, Mona Van Duyn, Eleanor Estes, Glenda Jackson. It's Europe Day and Victory Day. Mission: Join the fight against this ostentatiously corrupt administration or die.