Dec 29, 2018

Saturday Morning Post.

December 29. In 875, Charles the Bald was crowned Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. In 1170, St. Thomas Becket was murdered in his own cathedral by four knights on Henry II's orders. In 1813, the British burned Buffalo, NY. In 1845, the US annexed Texas.  In 1848, President Polk turned on the first gas light at the White House. In 1890, the US Cavalry massacred over 400 men, women and children at Wounded Knee Creek, SD. In 1940, Germany began bombing London. In 1952, the first transistorized hearing aid went on the market. In 1998, Khmer Rouge leaders apologized for the genocide in Cambodia. In 2003, the Akkala Sami language went extinct with the death of its last speaker. In 2006, the UK settled its post-WW2 loan debt with America. Happy Birthday, Mary Tyler Moore, Molly Bang, Marianne Faithfull, Paula Poundstone, Katy Munger. It's Independence Day in Mongolia. Mission: STOP KILLING EACH OTHER. Act Mongolian.