Aug 26, 2017

Saturday Morning Post. August 26. In 1498, Michelangelo was commissioned to carve the Pieta. In 1791, John Fitch patented the steamboat. In 1920, women were given the right to vote by the passage of the 19th amendment. In 1947, Don Bankhead became the first Black major league pitcher. In 1957, the first Edsel rolled off the Ford assembly line. In 1970, the Women’s Strike for Equality was held across America. In 1973, a US Presidential Proclamation declared August 26 Women’s Equality Day. In 1987, Fuller Brush Co opened its first retail store in Dallas. In 2009, Jaycee Dugard was discovered alive after missing for 18 years. Happy Birthday, Zona Gale, Eleanor Dark, Katherine Johnson, Geraldine Ferraro, Melissa McCarthy. It’s Women’s Equality Day. (And tomorrow is Go Topless Day.) Mission: Get rid of these idiotic bullies! NOW! Full steam ahead.